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The Avenue - Headshrinker at South City MCR, Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester

1st song in the bag of future 2 track release by The Avenue band here at South City MCR, recording studio in Stockport, South Manchester. A song called Headshrinker (no, not that one!). Must say, the drums sound massive. The intro reminded me a bit of ‘That Sound’ by Sam Fender, (love that tune). So I went for that dark moody sound but with a big ambience about it. The kick and snare went to a reverb return that had a convolution reverb inserted on it.

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Ludwig snare

A convolution reverb is a measured reverb of a real world space such as a specific cathedral or large hall, that is then reproduced digitally. It’s great on certain things. So the kick drum sounds big, punchy, roomy and moody all at the same time. Kick drum (as always) goes through the Neve 1073 pre and 1073 eq, because, well, it’s Neve! The bottom end on the 1073 is as good as it gets. Business as usual with the snare, eq’d with the API 550b and sent to the convolution reverb.

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Really spacious and big. Guitars were tracked through the in-house Marshall JCM 900. Sounded fantastic. We DI’d the bass through the Neve, no bass cab micing on this session. All brought together with a raspy vocal with attitude!

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The whole song had bags of personality. Great tune and good fun to work on. Keep looking out on our socials for more updates:



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