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Master of Elephant and the Rider - At South City MCR, Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester.

Master of Elephant and the Rider's new release is complete! It’s a really great end product! We’ve been working on this song since September. The time and detail spent is evident when you listen to this. It’s a really great song! I had a trusted and extremely talented session musician join us for a session to add some soulful keys to the track and some explosive Hammond organ for the outro. (A list of session musicians are available from South City MCR if you want to add that extra magic to your track). Elephant and the Rider have taken this track above and beyond, it really has it all! See teaser video posted by Elephant and the Rider below:

It’s a great song played by great musicians, recorded and mixed at a great studio. It was always going to sound the business! Extremely proud of my work at my end. This is the 1st of 4 (maybe 5 tracks), so, more to come from the lads. Keep an eye on their Facebook page or Instagram for updates. Once released, it will be on our website for you to hear yourself! Keep updated with our socials on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok. We are South City MCR. Where Music Culture Reigns.



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