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Andy Macpherson producing at South City MCR, Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester

All last week we had a band in at South City MCR who made the journey up from London, who formed in New York. That’s all I’m allowed to say in that regard! Legendary producer Andy Mac sat in and produced the session while I engineered.

andy macpherson, producer of the who, producer, engineer, south city mcr. south city, stockport, manchester
Andy Macpherson (left) mixed, engineered & produced The Who, Buzzcocks, Eric Clapton.

I still enjoy the engineering side, but seldom take the role of the sole engineer these days. As I tend to share my engineering with producing and mixing. So it was fun. Reminded me how quick paced the job actually is!! But I’ve still got the speed, which is good to know. My diploma is actually in engineering so I guess it’s true what they say, “it’s like riding a bike” etc. So respect to all the engineers out there who make our favourite record’s possible! It was an interesting one, we had an old school mic setup on the drums, not my first time using this particular method but it’s been a while and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it sounded! We got a real exciting live drum sound, which was what the client wanted. The guys all played together in the live room while we put the drums down. A little bleed? So what! That was the brief from the client. We tracked the guitars and vocals as we normally would, separate and detailed. We had a very happy band that left the studio on Friday. Which is what it’s all about. My role on this project has ended for the foreseeable, but, when I can update and share, you can be sure I will! Take a look through our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tik Tok.



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