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Ringing the Control Room out at South City MCR, Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester.

Over the last 6 to 8 weeks the control room has had a massive lift in terms of monitoring. Firstly, we acquired a pair of world renowned monitors. The Yamaha NS10m Studio. 'They' say, if it sounds good on NS10’s, it sounds good on anything. This is down to the frequency response of the speaker and the actual material they’re made out of. Some people don’t like listening on NS10’s because they are pretty unflattering (if you have a poor mix), but I’ve taken to them straight away! Yamaha can no longer source the materials to make the units and they haven’t been in production since 2001. You will see a pair of Yamaha NS10’s in practically every famous studio around the world from Abbey Road to Blackbird. Made popular in the 80’s by Bob Clearmountain. They really put the mid range under the microscope. It’s the mid range frequencies that provide the presence and power in a good mix and ultimately determine the translation of the mix from the studio to other audio set ups outside of the studio. I collected these NS10's from London and it was well worth the drive!

south city mcr, manchester, stockport, recording studio, yamaha ns10's
Yamaha NS10's in their new home at South City MCR

I power them using a Ashly MOSFET amplifier that provides plenty of wattage to each monitor.

South City MCR Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester, Ashly, Ashley look at me, studio, stockport studios, manchester, stockport
ASHLY at South City MCR

The final piece of high end gear to complete the 3 stage control monitoring system. THEN, we had each monitoring system in the control room calibrated to the natural frequency response of the room. This is to further ensure that the frequency response in the room is as flat as it can possibly.

before and after, calibration, south city mcr, stockport, recording studio, manchester
Ringing the Control Room at South City MCR - Calibration

This was a fascinating process, test signals and bizarre tones ringing around the room, it must of sounded like R2D2 was partying with a few Daleks to anyone passing by. So, to sum it up. You can be very confident in the mix when you visit South City MCR. Check out our socials pages for updates throughout the week: @southcitymcr on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok & Twitter.



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