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Welcome to our brand new blog - South City MCR! Recording Studio in Stockport, South Manchester.

South City MCR - Recording Studio - Stockport, South Manchester.

Welcome to our blog here at South City MCR. A place to keep you updated on the happenings within the recording studio. Some things you may know already, but, this is a place where I can dig deep into my experience for some (hopefully) knowledgable content. To start with, I will explore the history of the up and coming town Stockport in South Manchester that we are situated in.

South City MCR - Recording Studio, Stockport, Manchester
South City MCR - Recording Studio Live Room

(Photo by: Lone Sharks Band)

We are based at Pear Mill in Stockport, South Manchester. (Recording Studio in Stockport, South Manchester. South City MCR). Some history for you...

Pear Mill is a new, upcoming place that we are so proud of being involved in. This Edwardian building that was a thriving cotton mill, is now an incredible centre of some amazing businesses. Stockport is well known for being the home of Strawberry studios (founded by two members of 10CC), where Joy Division, The Smiths, Stone Roses, Cliff Richard and Paul McCartney have recorded their music. It is also famous for the Stockport viaduct that was built in 1840. Fun fact; it has 27 arches and was made using 11 million bricks! The obvious one for Stockport is being known for the Hat museum. In it's peak, Stockport sent over 6 million hats all over the world! Vernon Park is also the oldest country park in Stockport, and has recently been restored to its former Victorian and Edwardian splendour. And it is LITERALLY on our doorstep! You could take a lunchtime stroll in-between takes and feel like you're going back in time.

Vernon Park, South City MCR, Stockport, Manchester, Recording Studio.
Vernon Park, Stockport.

(Photo by: Gavin Taylor)

Now you know about Stockport, you need to know that South City is growing...

You may know many bands who have become something BIG from Stockport or Manchester such as Oasis, Elbow, The Stone Roses, The Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets, Doves, The Verve, 10CC, Blossoms, James, M People, Happy Mondays and The Smiths. Some things you may not know... Johnny Marr (guitarist and co-songwriter of The Smiths) is working alongside us here at South City with Paul from South City Studios and we have past Drummer Richard Jupp (30 years as co-founder, co-songwriter and drummer in the band Elbow) as our neighbour who runs 1-2-1 lessons, studio session (and remote) and live work as well as mentoring and consultancy! And of course, in amongst all of this at Pear Mill, you have a recording studio to get all these musical visions down for the whole world to hear! We are a label and media trusted recording studio with releases on major labels such as Warner Music. (I will be going into details in my next post about the way South City MCR works and what magic happens).

South City MCR - Recording Studio Stockport, South Manchester. Control room.
South City MCR - Recording Studio Control Room

We are South City MCR (Where Music Culture Reigns) - Recording Studio in Stockport, South of Manchester.

We hope you enjoyed having a quick read through our blog and that you will look forward to many more posts like this. This is just a little introduction to who we are, where we are from and why Stockport and Manchester is the place to be... And it sure is from a music point of view.

Whilst you're waiting for our next post, why not check out the rest of our website: - we offer many different services including; artist recording, producing, pre-production, mixing, mastering, podcasts and the singing experience.

Let's be SOCIAL. Click below to keep in touch and view our social media pages here at South City MCR. Like, share, comment and post. Let's keep the music ALIVE! South City MCR - Where Music Culture Reigns.



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