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'PUNK ROCK... Gravy' - Lone Sharks, South City MCR, Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester.

Another mix and master over the line here at South City MCR (Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester). 'Punk Rock Gravy' by the Lone Sharks. This was a thoroughly enjoyable project from start to finish! Not only were the guys a pleasure to work with, but, seasoned pro's when it came down to the nitty, gritty. We started with a day on drums played to click and then loose quantised. Day 2 was tracking the vocals, guitars and bass. We had a big group vocal for the hook, which saw all 4 guys in the live room, belting out the 'Punk Rock' line, tracked 4 times so we had a real stereo spread. Sounds fantastic!

Col penned a great tune here. But, we also had Rick Henry on guitar. Had some fun with that! Sent the guitar out to 2 amps and got a real rounded sound, one of the amps was from The Darkness!

slash stockport manchester rick henry guitars south city manchester south city mcr south city stockport manchester
Rick Henry pictured with SLASH

We also had a featured harmonica solo from Mick Brophy of The Cheaters.

The cheaters south city mcr stockport manchester

A proper, all round, great effort from everyone involved! The guys are very happy with the master, as am I. This was a lot of fun! Keep your eyes peeled on our website for our new 'have a listen' page COMING SOON! Don't forget to keep up to date on our socials...



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