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'Labour of love...' South City MCR - Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester.

On Friday, it was a fun one! It saw the last mix and master of a 4 song collection by solo artist Mike Kennedy. All recorded, produced, mixed and mastered here at South City MCR. We began this project some time ago and it's been a labour of love. Although Mike is a solo artist, 3 of the 4 songs are a full line up; drums, bass and guitar. Lots of incredible effort and time has gone into these tracks from everyone involved. We had 2 session musicians joining us during the process and it all came together very nicely! Mike has really enjoyed the surprise element of these songs, leaving my mind to run wild with ideas and after Mike and the session musicians had finished their parts, the real magic came alive! Mike came into the studio on Friday afternoon to have a listen back to all 4 of his songs, played in succession.

South City Recording, Stockport, South Manchester, Pear Mill, South City Studios.
Mike 'overjoyed' at the listen back to the mix.

A really nice way to end the process, he even brought a few beers in. After hearing what the tracks have become, he was overjoyed with the mixes, as am I on a personal level. We cannot wait for you to hear them all as it has been a very fun and exciting journey!

If you want to get a start on recording brand new music, please drop us a message via the contact page on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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