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Sunday was mix day... South City MCR - Recording Studio Stockport, South Manchester.

Sunday was a mix day here at South City MCR. (Recording Studio in Stockport, South Manchester). Working on an upcoming release for Elephant and the Rider. It's a great track with some proper groove! A quiet swagger about the sound. It's very well executed by the band. We tracked the drums to a click track, then did some loose quantising of the shells. As per usual, everything was tracked through the analogue channels. Very happy with the mix! Didn't quite get it over the line, still one or two small things. BUT, it has that powerful mid range punch that you would expect from a song mixed in the analogue domain! Scheduled to finish the track this week.

Elephant and the Rider South City MCR Recording Studio Stockport South Manchester Bands Artists Recording UK North West
Elephant and the Rider (Pictured by: Isabelle Proudfoot)

Watch This Space! It's a goodun! Check Elephant and the Rider out LIVE at South City Studios presents show @ AMP - Stockport - Thursday 16th November 2023, FREE ENTRY, doors open 7:00pm. South City MCR, Recording Studio, Stockport, South Manchester. Whilst you're waiting for another blog post, check out our social media pages:

South City MCR Recording Studio Stockport South Manchester South City Recordings South City Studios Pear Mill North West Cheshire Music Bands UK Artists
South City MCR



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